What is it?

Vigma RN is a Fimga-like VS-Code extension, but with real-time codegen for React Native (Expo)1. It's currently in open beta, free of use.


Real-time Design to Code

Build UI visually: code will be generated in real-time.

UI Pointing

The element you're coding is highlighted in GUI, real-time.

Code Pointing

Double click an element to locate the corresponding code.

Independent Component Rendering

Components can be rendered independently, with Storybook (CSF 2.0 & 3.0) support.2

Screenshot to Code (New!)

Drop an image, get the code. (Read more about Screenshot to Code)

Figma to Code

By installing VigmaRN Figma-plugin (opens in a new tab), you can export your Figma design into code. See more about Figma to Code


  1. It relies on React-Native-Web to render the component. So it's not a 100% accurate representation of how it will look on a mobile devices. But it should be close enough for most cases.

  2. Only simple storybook is supported. No knobs, no actions. The storybook file should have the same basename as the component file. For example, if you have a component file PersonCard.tsx, the storybook file should be PersonCard.stories.tsx